Corporate social responsibility is not a familiar concept in the Ethiopian business environment as well as the legal system administrating the various business sectors. CSR practices are witnessed in unorganized manners in many initiations and activities undertaken by business sector, chamber sector associations and government agencies. Regardless such experience of CSR, the Ethiopian business arena needs further study and understanding in order to employ the concept and practice of CSR.  

The Research program of OSD focuses on enhancing CSR knowledge and information as well as identifying further intervention areas to improve laws, policies and practices related to CSR in Ethiopia. The Research program intends to increase the knowledge and information of CSR among people, businesses and public offices. Studying various CSR practices, laws and policies in Ethiopia as well as at international level instigates increase of CSR practices through providing the necessary information and knowledge for stakeholders and the community at large. Such research generates more business entities, public office and organization engaged in CSR activities by indicating various CSR areas and elements based on the current socio economic need.

The Research program main objective is to enhance and disseminate CSR knowledge and information among business entities, public offices and the community at large.  Enhancing and disseminating the society CSR knowledge and information increases the implications of CSR concept and practices. Moreover, Identifying various areas of intervention and engagement regarding CSR practices, laws and policies for business entities, public offices, the community and the organization is another objective of the Research program.

Under this research program, OSD aims to increase the number of Business entities, sector association, government agencies and the community awareness of CSR practice. Four researches comprehending 40 business entities, will contribute to various stakeholders, target groups and beneficiaries. Willingness of businesses sector, sector association and public officials indicates the keenness for the study.

In order to increase Ethiopian Business sectors participation in the international market, three international initiatives and practices will be analyzed and introduced to various stakeholders. Enhancement of CSR related laws and policies in Ethiopia is another input of these researches. Relatively, six CSR areas of intervention and engagement will be identified and introduced to business entities, chamber association, government agencies, the community as well as the organization’s other programs. Staff Limited knowledge and experience on CSR related areas might hinder the research. However, the Staff and organization efficient legal knowledge and experience is related to most of CSR elements.

Furthermore, these Researches will be published on the organization’s bi-annual magazine in 6 different editions and disseminated to stakeholders, target groups and beneficiaries. Three brochures with different format and content will be disseminated as well. Availability of funds is determining factor for this activities.

In addition, the organization’s monitoring and evaluation researches are included under this program. Series of monitoring activities and three evaluation researches will be conducted at different times of three years period.  


The research program consist four major activities. These are:

  •  Research
    •  Need assessment 
  • Publications
  • Monitoring and evaluation

 Research activities

There are various CSR initiations nationally and internationally. However, there is limited knowledge and understanding in the Ethiopian context.  In order to realize and identify the areas of intervention and increase understanding of CSR in Ethiopia, OSD intends to undertake the following researches: 

  • Review  of the Ethiopian Labor law, Environmental laws, tax law and trade practice in relation to CSR
  • Research on CSR practices of private sector, sector  associations and  government agencies in Ethiopia
  • Review and analysis of international initiatives, practices, law and policies in relation to CSR

OSD will organize consultation workshop participating governmental agencies, sector associations, legal representative of private sectors and NGOs working on various elements of CSR to gather as much as possible information, initiations and support.  These researches will include major industrial regions as well as selected stakeholders, target groups and beneficiaries. After finalizing such researches, validation workshop will be organized to create a forum of discussion among stakeholders, target groups and beneficiaries.

Need assessment

In order to indentify the need and gap of intervention for the organization and various stakeholders, assist in comprehensive need assessment activities will also be conducted. The need assessment will   comprehending the major investment sectors in selected industrial cities, domestic & foreign consumers/customers government agencies and immediate community. The research on CSR practices of private sector, sector associations and government agencies in Ethiopia will be use as baseline for the assessment as well.


Production and publication of OSD bi- annual magazine and brochure is another activity under this program. OSD bi- annual magazine will comprehend organizational profile, activities, best practices and research findings. The three researches and need assessment will be published every six months. Besides OSD brochure with different format and content will be disseminated 3 times in three years period as well.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The organization monitoring and evaluation various activities are included in the research program. These are:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of other programs and organizational activities
  • Monitoring  and evaluation of the research program

Various OSD activities and programs will monitor quarterly. Identified areas for improvement and monitoring report will presented for discussion internal at organization level. Furthermore, the organization general activities and programs will evaluation through this program.

In the three years period, a midterm and end term evaluation will be conducted by an external consultant. Moreover, a workshop will be organized to present reports of the midterm review and evaluation.

Accordingly, OSD will have a Monitoring and Evaluation Officer responsible for conducting the monitoring and evaluation under the Research program. Moreover, an external consultant will be hired to conduct the evaluation assessment of the research program.