This research was aimed at identifying CSR practices that exist among the Ethiopian private sector focused on the advancement of reproductive health, and thereby facilitate the adoption of such practices by business organizations. It was funded by the John D. and Catherine McArthur Foundation. Based on the findings of the assessment conducted in December 2010 on 13 private companies, a report was prepared highlighting major findings, challenges, and recommendations for the increased involvement of the private sector in reproductive health and other initiatives. Based on the report two tasks were carried out. The first task was the production of two documentary movies on the good practices of BGI Ethiopia and Sher Ethiopia whereas the second was the publication of a handbook on CSR good practices related to reproductive health in Ethiopia.

Identifying and awarding business enterprises for their endeavors in the advancement of reproductive health among the community is one of the mechanisms the project employed to promote such practice among businesses. Thus, the awarding ceremony was held on a forum on April 6, 2012, where 50 representatives of business organizations were present. A certificate of recognition was presented to two business organizations, BGI Ethiopia PLC Sher Ethiopia PLC, for their outstanding contribution to the advancement of reproductive health, to their employees, and better yet, to the general community.

Two 20 minutes radio programs on CSR good practices related to promoting reproductive health were produced based on the above documentaries and were transmitted through the national radio.