OSJE in line with its capacity building strategy undertook a project on "Strengthening the Capacity of Judicial and law Enforcement Organs and Prison Administrators in Borena Zone of Oromiya and Omo Zone of SNNPR State" in partnership with Action Professionals Association for the People (APAP) through a fund obtained from Christian Aid.

The project is carried out with the objective to contribute towards the strengthening of the justice sector in Ethiopia by increasing the capacity of judicial and law enforcement organs in one of the least developed areas of the country and to develop their awareness in key areas of human rights and administration of justice by engaging in a series of intensive trainings. The project covered 12 woredas of the Borena zone of Oromiya Regional State and 10 woredas of the South Omo Zone of SNNPR regional States.

The activities of the project included conducting of needs assessment/baseline survey in the two target zones on the Capacity of Judicial and law Enforcement Organs, preparation of a tailor made training manual based on the findings of the survey and delivering capacity building trainings to the judiciary, public prosecutor and the police.

Donors to the project: Christian Aid/Poverty Action Network in Ethiopia (PANE)