Given the CSOs controlling agency’s approval of the intervention area, this program focuses on ensuring enhanced CSR activities and understanding as a result of the program activities. Apart from cross checks at activity and immediate out put levels, the success of this long term objective will be assessed through an all encompassing impact assessment and a panel discussion involving but not limited to stakeholders, collaborators, partners and donors.

On conditions that the CSOs controlling Agency approves the project, the required program fund is secured and intended partners and collaborators are willing to take part in the project activities, the planned activities primarily focus on two areas of intervention. These are awareness and capacity building. Thus as a result of the combined effects of the planned activities it is expected that:-

Duty bound Business and an increase in CSR activities will be witnessed:- It is expected that the awareness and capacity strengthening activities will have a combined effect of enhanced CSR activities in part of the corporate entities. As a result of the activities these corporate bodies will have furthered their knowhow of the intervention area. Furthermore they will have strengthened capacity to carry out their social duties.

2.      Enabling environs for CSR will be created: - The intended activities under this program do not focus only on the corporate entities. Thus as a result of the awareness creation activities it is expected that a legal and practical ground which enhances CSR activities will be designed. The assessment study which OSD has previously conducted indicated that existing laws are by far and large regulatory rather than being promotional of the area of intervention. As a result the activities are designed to bring about the desired conception and there my adjustments to existing laws and practices which will pave the way for increased CSR activities by corporate entities.

3.      Bringing about effective Government control:- Just in the same way as above the activities are also designed to promote effective government control on corporate entities’ operational activities and bringing the latter’s’ acts closer to the required standards.

4.      CSR conscious society will be created: - Public understanding of CSR is another target area of the planned activities. Thus the serious of activities to be conducted do have an intended outcome of CSR conscious community which in turn endeavors to see corporate bodies meet their social responsibilities.

Impact assessment and field surveys are the intended parameters to check whether the stated targets are achieved or not. Accordingly the long term effects of the activities will be cross checked against the initial survey report and progresses witnessed as a result of the direct intervention. Further more field surveys will be conducted in selected areas to assess the progresses witnessed as result of the program intervention. 

Planned activities in the capacity strengthening part include a workshop involving other CSOs, the business community, chambers of commerce and sector associations and concerned government bodies so as to create a network. The network will create a platform for the awareness creation task. Further more it will be a source of pool of experts who can give advices and consult on issues of corporate social responsibility. However the first of the activities will be a string of internal capacity strengthening activities. Thus staff members of OSD will get training on Corporate Social responsibility so as to further their knowledge and understanding of the concept of social responsibility and further help them in the preparation of different publication and subsequent trainings to be conducted to various sectors.

Preparation of resource mobilization manual, organizational development manual and monitoring and evaluation guideline are also among the primary tasks to be carried out. The preparation of these publications is expected to create the necessary organizational structure and parameters to gauge the rate and quality of work accordingly done. These activities which are part of internal capacity strengthening activities need a professional help and the necessary fund for the preparation of the manuals and guideline.

A number of activities are also designed in the awareness creation part. Thirty radio programs will be designed and transmitted on selected topics of intervention so as to raise the awareness of the general public pertaining corporate social responsibility. Brochures and pamphlets are also part of the awareness creation activities. Thus a number of them dealing with introducing the concept corporate social responsibility, its manifestation Vis a Vis labour and environment laws, international initiatives pertaining the concept and the role of chambers of commerce and sector associations will be prepared.

Spot campaigning in connection with selected dates of the calendar is one of the planned activities. Thus as part of the awareness creation activities campaigning is intended on women’s day, Labour Day, environment day and clean water day. A string of trainings are also one component of the awareness activities. Thus a serious of trainings are planned to be conducted to the general public, the business community, chambers of commerce and sector associations.

Depending on the nature of the planned activity the immediate outcome of these activities are to be assessed by public opinion gathered directly or indirectly, experts’ opinion and comment on publications, trainees’ feed back questionnaires and field visits. These programs are further anticipated assuming the necessary fund to run the program will be secured, intended collaborators would be willing to forward their input and the CSOs controlling agency would endorse the project.